Too Nervous Or Afraid To Have LASIK? RELAX!

At Tampa Eye Laser Center, leading LASIK surgeon David Leach, MD has spent the past two decades helping set new standards in LASIK safety, precision and results. That’s why LASIK has become one of the most popular methods of vision correction ever developed.

What we’ve learned during these past 20 years is that most people who wear glasses or contacts would LOVE to have LASIK…if they could just get over their fear of having LASIK. But despite the millions of people worldwide who have successfully undergone LASIK, there are an even greater number of men and women out there who are simply too nervous to have LASIK.

At Tampa Eye Laser Center, we understand. Which is why we’ve developed a special method of LASIK to help patients OVERCOME their fear…and enjoy the vision they’ve always wanted. Today, Dr. Leach and the eye care professionals at Tampa Eye Laser Center are proud to announce our new RELAX LASIK procedure. Relax LASIK is an all-laser ‘Sedation Assisted’ method of LASIK carefully designed and implemented to help reduce your fears and anxiety about having LASIK.

So if you’ve ever considered LASIK – but are just too nervous to have it done – RELAX.

Call Tampa Eye Laser Center at 813-87-LASIK about our sedation-assisted  RELAX LASIK procedure..

We’ll help insure your experience is as relaxing and comfortable as possible.